21 AUGUST 1841, Page 11

The Great Western steam- slop has arrived, with papers from

New York to the 7th instant. There is no news, except that the trial of Mr. M•Leod was fixed for the 19,11 September. Exchange on London was 9 premium ; on France 5 francs 25 centimes to 27f centimes. The dates from Canada arc, Mentreal the 4th instant, and Kingston the 2d. The Provincial Parliament had been busy. The principal measures under discussion were, a Bank Bill, Feudal Tenures Aboli- tion Bill, a Bill for Payment of Members, a Bill for establishing Vote by Ballot at Elections, and some resolutions condemnatory of the Home Government policy on the Timber-duties, proposed by Mr. Neilson. The Government Bank Bill had been rejected in Committee ; but the House of Assembly afterwards reconsidered the question, and it was carried by the casting-vote of the Chairman, seven voting on each side.