21 AUGUST 1841, Page 11

The popular struggle in France (for such it seems to

have become) against the Government measure of taxation-survey, does not relax, but quite the reverse ; and by Thursday it had begun to excite a graver sense of uneasiness than it has yet produced. The departments of the Isere and of the Mouths of the Rhone, indeed, are said, with the ex- ception of very few municipalities, to be favourable to the survey ; and, according to recent advices, Marseilles is not in the category of contu- macious towns ; but town after town in other parts joins the ranks of the rebellious. The Municipal Councils of Poictiers, Niort, Tonuerre, Evrenx, with an ominous "&c. are now added to the list of corpora- tions that have protested against the measure ; the military of Aubusson and Ceret have been insufficient to suppress popular tumults in those towns, and reinforcements have been marched from a distance. The National Guards of Aucb, Valence, and Mauvazin have forwarded con- gratulatory addresses to the National Guards of Toulouse, who began the resistance ; and in Toulouse itself an extraordinary display of mili- tary force and artillery had prepared for the resumption of the survey on the 16th, literally at the cannon's month ; while the inhabitants continued to oppose a passive resistance to the fiscal officers by strictly closing their doors.

The Government had availed itself of the press-laws of September 1835, to compel the insertion of an article in the papers, denying the report that the Paris Municipal Council opposed the survey generally : there was merely a question between the Council and the Government on some points of detail. This unusual appeation of the law proves how much importance the Government attached to the matter.