21 AUGUST 1852, Page 2

- Some flute ago, the news reached this country that

Buenos Ayres had been emancipated from the dictatorship of Rosas. The -work was accomplished by foreign arms—the combined forces of Brazil and the Banda Oriental. The conquerors were (cia affected to be) magnanimous. The Buenos Ayreans were allowed to elect their own Legislature and President, and invited to take part in a Congress of all the Argentine Provinces. But the new Legisla- ture and President having acted in a manner not exactly accord- ing to the wishes of Urquiza, the Banda Oriental Chief, that per-

their functions, and installed himself theta- ore obedient The reason assigned for this

1 step by the General's apologists is, that Buenos Ayres attempted to exercise the same despotic authority over the other Argentine States as Rosas had done. It may be so : and when one considers that a majority of the so-called States are thinly-peopled by a few semi-nomades, it does not appear how a populous and intelligent community like that of Buenos Ayres could act otherwise. The• sympathy of this country, however, is asked for General 1Jrquiza, on the plea that he seeks to open the navigation of the Plata, whereas the Buenos Ayreans wish to close it. The commerce of the Plata may become some day a matter of importance, but at present assuredly it is too trifling to warrant any interference by Great Britain in the scrambling feuds of those countries.