21 AUGUST 1852, Page 2

Ch taut

QUEEN 'Plumate has returned, safely and well, to her own dominions.

The Royal visitors set out from the Palace of Laecken on Sunday morning, for Antwerp. Here they visited the Exposition, the Museum, and the Cathedral. The Queen went on board the Victoria and Albert soon after two o'clock, in company with the King of the Belgians and his two sons ; who took leave of their illustrious relatives on the verge of the Belgian territory. The squadron anchored in the Roads of Flushing, on account of the rough weather. The Royal yachts, with the Vivid and Black Eagle, steamed up the Scheldt; and the party landed at Ternen- zen. Her Majesty again embarked, and passed the night on board.

On Monday morning, the squadron was early under weigh, with the intention of steaming straight to Osborne ; but a thick fog obliged them to come to, off Dungeness, where they lay all night.

The squadron weighed at half-past four o'clock on Tuesday morning, and reached Osborne at half-past twelve o'clock. The Queen held a Privy Council at Osborne House on Wednesday. There was a full attendance. The Marquis of Granby was sworn in Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire. The Lord Chancellor, the Earl of Derby, the Earl of Malmesbury, Mr. Secretary Walpole, -Sir John Peking- ton, Mr. Herries, and the Duke of Northumberland, had audiences of the Queen.

On Thursday, the Queen and Prince Albert drove out in the neighbour- pod of Osborne.