21 AUGUST 1852, Page 2

The inquest on the bodies of the men shot at

Six-mile Bridge has terminated in a verdict more ominous of evil for Ireland than even the fierce proceedings which gave occasion to the inquiry. Of - fifteen jurymen, twelve have agreed to return a verdict of "wilful murder," against Mr. Delmege the Magistrate and eight of the soldiers. This in the face of admitted provocation—of proof that the ranks of the soldiers had been broken by the mob, and that their lives were in danger; that no order to fire was given, and that the Magistrate could have had no hand in the death of any of the victims. The verdict carries out in cold blood the ferocious par- tisan feelings which prompted the attack on the soldiers, by which they were compelled to fire in self-defence. For the poor wretches, goaded on by the exhortations of their priests to acts of violence, there is some palliation—they were roused to a state of phrensy : but for those who have carried their relentless hate into the jury- box there is no such extenuation. It is clear that, at least in the district around Six-mile Bridge, trial by jury, in the present state • of public feeling, can only be defeat of justice.