21 AUGUST 1858, Page 21


On the 24th April, at Mahurangi, in the province of Auckland, New Zealand, Mary Charlotte, the wife of Alexander Knowles Cburton, Esq. ; in her 19th year. On the 6th August, on board the steamship Tagus, between Cadiz and Lisbon, Frances Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. J. A. Crozier, M.A., Chaplain to the Forces, Gibraltar ; in her 93d year. On the 8th, at Inveresk, Edinburgh, Major General William Bolden Dundas, C.B., Racal Artillery.

On the -11th, Anna Maria Webster, widow of the late James Agnew Webster, of Ashtleld, in the county of Longford, Ireland ; in her 81st year.

On the 11th, in Clarence Street, Greenwich, Anthony King Newman, Esq., many years bookseller and publisher in Leadenhall Street, London, and a Pass-master of the Stationers' Company.

On the 12th, at Versailles, the Comtesse Lionel de Bonneval.

On the 12th, at Stamford Hill, Henry Richmond, Esq. •, in his 89th year. On the 14th, at Brighton, Captain John Molesworth, R.N. ; in his 69th year. On the 14th, at Moor Park, near Fantham, Surrey, George Combe, Esq. ; in his 70th year, On ye the 14th, at the Elms, Hampstead Heath, John Hodgson, Esq. ; in his 80th ar.

On the 14th, in Prospect Place, Bath, Thomas Fox ; in his 66th year. On the 14th, at Hastings, William Davis, Esq., for many years residing in Cal- cutta, and holding a high situation in the Mint of the East India Company ; in his 60th year.

On the 15th, in South Place, Stoke Newington, James Ewbank, Esq. ; in his 91th year.

Op the 16th, at Croxton Rectory, the Rev. John Morgan, LL.B., for twenty-seven years rector of that parish, and for sixteen years chaplain in the Royal Navy ; in Ms 71st year.

On the 17th, at Castlenau House, Mortlake, Sir Henry Willock, K.L.S. ; in his 69th year.

On the 18th, at Broad Green, near Liverpool, J. P. Brandreth, Esq., M.D.; in his 76th year.