21 AUGUST 1858, Page 21


On the 5th June, at Nynee Tal, in India, .7. A. Tytler, Esq., 66th Goorka Regi- ment, to Adelaide Anne, youngest daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh BON, E.I.C.S.

On the 12th August, at Abbeyleix. Church, Henry FitzGeorge, eldest son of the Ron. George Francis Colley, of Leopardstown, county Dublin, to Elizabeth Isabella, eldest daughter of the Hon. and Rev. William Wingfield, incumbent of Abbeyleix, Queen's county.

On the 12th, at Taney Church, Gordon James, second son of the late Hon. and Rev. Charles and the Lady Isabella Douglas,of Earlsgift, county Tyrone, to Louisa, fourth daughter of James Turbett, Esq., of Owenstown, county Dublin, and grand- daughter of the late Hon. and Rev. George Gore, Dean of Killala. On the 12th, at St. James's Church, Piccadilly, T. Galbraith Logan, M.D., of the Army Medical Staff, to Christiana Mary Ruth, daughter of Colonel Ernest Christian Wilford, of the School of Musketry, Hythe. On the 12th, at St. Mary's Paddington, the Rev. Henry Glaas Henderson, only son of the late Henry Henderson, Esq., of Calcutta, to Emma Gertrude, second daughter of Edmund Coates, Esq., of Park Place Villas, Paddington.

On the 12th, at St. Nicholas Church, Guildford, the Rev. Philip Edward George, Rector of Combe Hay, eldest son of Philip George, of Bath, Esq., to Mary, youngest daughter of Thomas Haydon, Esq., of Guildford,

On the 12th, at St. Giles's, Camberwell, Robert James Hendrie, Esq., of Leyton, Essex, to Charlotte, elder daughter of William Lancet Esq., of Peckham. On the 12th, at Bradford Abbas, Dorset, John Pennington Legh, Esq., of Nor- bury Booths Hall, Cheshire, eldest son of the late Rev. Edmund Dawson Legh, to Jane Emily, second daughter of the Rev. Robert Grant, Vicar of Bradford Abbas. On the 12th, at St. James's Church, Algernon, third son of M. J. West, Esq., and Lady Maria West, to Mary, only daughter of Lady Caroline Barrington and the late Captain the Hon. George Barrington, R.N. On the 13th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Matthew De Vitrd, Esq.. of Moore Hall, Berks, to Caroline, widow of Captain Barlow, late of HAL% 61st Regiment, and second daughter of the late Frederick Pratt Barlow, Esq., of Kensington.

Oa the 14th, at St. Peter's Church, Dublin, the Rev. J. II. Merle D'Aubign6, D.D., of Geneva, to Frances Charlotte, third daughter of the late Rev. John Hardy, of Itilcullen, county Kildare. On the 17th, in the Cathedral at Chichester, by the Bishop of the Diocess, Major the Hon. Gilbert Elliott, youngest son of the Earl of Minto, to Katherine Ann, sixth daughter of the Bishop of Chichester and Mrs. Gilbert. On the 17th, at St. James's Church, Augustus Thomas Hotham, Esq., son of the late Hon. and Rev. Frederick Hothrun, Prebendary of Rochester, to Anne Byam, second daughter of the late Hon. and Rev. Miles J. Stapleton.

On the 17th, at the parish church of Sefton, Captain Edward Abbot Anderson, seeond surviving son of Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Anderson, Staff, Fort Amherst, Chatham, to Martha, only daughter of the late Thomas 13irkett, Esq., of Walton-on- the-Hill, and step-daughter of John Myers, Esq., Crosby House, near Liverpool. On the 18th, at. the house of the bride's father, Montague R. Leverson, of St. Helen's Place, E.C., and of Marlborough Road, St. John's Wood, to Kate, second daughter of David Hymn, Esq., of Lobster Gardens, Hyde Park.