21 AUGUST 1858, Page 9



The English Stock Market has this week exhibited less animation than ever, business is almost entirely suspended, the fluctuations of each day scarcely exceeding 1-16 per cent. Consols are now 961 96/, having opened on Monday 961 961, both for Money and Account. Not one bargain of any real importance has been done. The most of the usual dealers are out of town, and in their absence the business doing is generally of an insignifi- cant character. Attention has been chiefly given to the new issue of the Indian Four per Cent Debentures, the scrip of which is now being dealt in at i and I prem. The first instalment, in addition to the 51. deposit, will be due on the 23d. The tone of the market is somewhat firmer today, and stocks close a shade higher. New Three per Cents, 97k 97k; Bank Stock, 227 227k; Reduced, 97k 97k; Consols, 971 971. Considering the season of the year, there has been rather more than the average amount of business doing in the Foreign Stock Market. The late rise has with one or two exceptions been well supported. Turkish Six per Cents are unaccountably: dull and heavy, the quotation having gone back nearly li per cent during the week. Venezuela has been done at lower prices than last quoted, the advices by the last mail leading to the supposi- tion that the arrangement for the settlement of the debt may be deferred for some time. Other Stocks are firm, with a tendency to rise, a great scarcity of Stock being experienced. Brazil scrip k dis. k prem. ; Mexican, 21i 211; Venezuela, 39 40; Peruvian Four-and-a-half per Cent, 891 90k; Ditto Three per Cent, 69 70 ; Turkish Six per Cent, 95k 96; Ditto, Four per Cent, 104 104k ; Russian, 113 114; Chihan, 104 106; Grenada, Active,

21 22; Spanish Certificates, 51 5k. , Business in the Railway Share Market has been extremely dull and un- important, prices have been drooping from the beginning of the week. I

Great Northerns have especially fallen, the closing quotation being 24 251; Caledonian, 411 411 ; Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, 35k. In. other shares the average decline is 1 to 1 per cent. Great Western 49 50k; London and North-Western, 92i ; London and South-Western, 9 94k; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 9 93. The market closes this after- noon without any particular feature to notice. Bervricks, 92k 93; Eastern Counties, 121 1. French shares continue to show consider- able improvement,, the state of the Paris Bourse, French trade, and the failure of several speculators for the fall in Paris leads to the expectation of a further rise. Northern of France, 37i 38; Paris and Strasbourg, 271 271. Indian shares remain steady with no alteration in prices ; investments con- tinue, but the late issue of the remnant of the Loan offering an opportunity to capitalists has prevented a rise. East Indian, 106 106; Madras, 201. shares, 201 201 ; Great Indian Peninsula, 21 211. The shares of the Atlan- tis Telegraph are now nominally 840 860. The Red Sea shares having been down to 1 are now buoyant at / 1 prem.

BANE OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Wednesday the 11th day of Aug. 1858. Mrs DITART117.2:7.

Notes lamed

£31,135,875 Government Debt £11,015,100

Other Securities Gold Coin and Bullion 3,459,900 15,721,9/5

Silver Bullion



sunrise D AAAAA YENS.

Proprietors' Capital Best Public Depoaits• Other Depo.its Seven Days and other Bilis £11,293,000 3,418„589 5,098,342 13,701,744 790,735 Government Securities (inclu- ding Dead WeightAnnuity) Other Securities Notes Gold and Silver Coin £10,873,168 14,188,677 10,771,940 722,625 £37,562,410 £37,562,410 Including Exchequer, Saving-Banks, Commissioners of National Debt, & Dividaud Acct.

A meeting of the Victoria Dock Company was held on Thursday, Mr. C. Morrison in the chair, when the report was adopted unanimously, and a resolution passed sanctioning the conversion of the new shares when fully paid up into stock. The number of ships entered during the past half-year was 1302, with an aggregate capacity of 432,202 tons, against 706, mea- suring 212,389 tons, in the corresponding period of 1857. The Victoria Docks thus stand at the head of the London companies as regards amount of business. The East and West India rank next, with an entry of 158-1 ships, measuring 378,768 tons.

The directors of the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada have issued an important circular. With a view to the speedy completion of the Victoria Bridge, and to advance the terminus to Detroit, a new financial plan is proposed. Each shareholder is to have an option to cancel one-fifth of his consolidated stock, and to receive for such cancelled stock a like amount of Seven per Cent debentures, redeemable at par on the 1st October 1887, upon condition of his subscribing for an equal amount of Seven per Cent debentures, redeemable at par on the 1st October 1862. These latter are to be paid for in money at the rate of 80/. for each debenture of 100/., by instalments.

The European and American Steam Company are in trouble. They cannot square their accounts. No less than 20,000/. of debentures have been dishonoured, and some of the holders have applied to the Court of Bankruptcy. A committee of consultation has been called to prevent, if possible, a ruinous and compulsory winding up.

The English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered Bank have declared a dividend of 4 per cent free of income-tax. The decrease in profits is attri- buted to the stagnation of trade.

The first pocket of hops of this year's growth, from Mr. Manwaring, of 'raiding, Mid. Kent, was shown at market, on Tuesday, and sold for 8/. 88. per ewt. to Messrs. Kitchen and Thornton. Borough, for Messrs. Kitchen and Ashworth, hop-merchants, Leeds. Quality very fine.

The death of Mr. George Combe, says the city article of the Times, "has deprived the financial world of one of the clearest expositors of monetary science. Those who resolved at the outset of the late crisis to unveil the widely-spread social corruption in which it had its origin were indebted to Lard 01 verstone and Mr. Combo for the chief external aid that helped them to carry on the battle, and prevent the Act of Sir Robert Peel from being overthrown."