21 AUGUST 1886, Page 26

Dunalton : the Story of Jack and his Guardians. By

Louisa M. Gray. (T. Nelson and Sons.)—This is a very simple story. A young Scotch clergyman goes to be tutor to the six-year-old son of a High- land laird, falls in love with his charge's aunt, an impulsive girl, who starts with a strong prejudice against him. But out of these unpre- tending materials the authoress has constructed a deeply interesting tale. Jack is drawn with rare skill; he is a child of flesh and blood, such as Mrs. Montgomery presents to us, and a very loveable one. Next to this boy, Gretchen Grant is the best-drawn character in the book. Her strange ungoverned nature, which much spoiling has utterly failed to spoil, thoroughly enlists the reader's sympathy, and makes him augur well for Charlie Hepburn's happiness. There is a freshness about this novel, with its unsophisticated, earnest, country life, which should commend it to all who have not lost their appreciation of the quieter sort of romance.