21 AUGUST 1886, Page 26

The Basilisk. By Henry Pottinger Stephens and Warham St. Leger.

(Swan Sonnensohein and Co.)—This is a very clever tale of a certain sort. It would be unfair on the authors to reveal the plot, for the story is essentially one of action, with plenty of crime in it. Most of the characters are familiar to those who are well read in modern sensational novels,—the respectable and philanthropic felon ; the criminally faithful domestic ; the innocent young person or persons who become acquainted with the crimes of the above-men- tioned philanthropist, and consequently incur his bitter and remorse- less hate ; the cool and ever-successful detective ; and the self- possessed and energetic friend of the hero. All these are as well known to ns as if we met them every day in the Street, and we hardly need to be told the dinouement. Bat these authors have managed to give a special character of their own to the familiar persons of this melodrama.