21 AUGUST 1936, Page 3

The Green Belt In April, 1935, the London County Council

offered to contribute, during the next three years, up to £2,000,000 towards the acquisition of lands to form part of the Green Belt around London ; and it is gratifying that local authorities are taking advantage of this offer. During the summer recess the L.C.C.'s con►mittees will consider applications, under this scheme, from the councils of Essex, Buckinghamshire, Kent, Surrey and Middlesex. The lands it is hoped to acquire lie on the river at Wraysbury,. on the North Downs, in the Chilterns. and between Egham and Rickmansworth on the west and Chipping Barnet and Epping Forest on the east. It is to be hoped that no difficulties will arise in the way of making these purchases ; for the problem of preserving the outskirts of London has become more and more pressing, especially since industry has turned to the south, and to London and Middlesex in particular. London spreads outwards more rapidly every day ; it has become a strange and unnatural monster, much more truly a Great Wen than in ('obbett's day. The Grecit Belt plan gives hope that at least the process of expansion will not continue indefinitely, with no break in the acres of stones and streets.

* * * *