21 AUGUST 1982, Page 18

In the name of sport

Sir: Richard Course is quite right (Letters, 14 August). Certain myths surrounding fox- hunting should be exposed. May we start, with the one propounded by his League. That is the one which claims that fox- hunting should be ended because it is a cruel sport in the way that dog-fighting an

cl bear-baiting were abolished because they were cruel sports.

In fact dog-, bear- and cockfight were abolished not because they were cruel but because they were too popular. If Mr Course would devote the time to research that he does to writing letters he would discover that the aforementioned sports were abolished under legislation designed tor. disperse large gatherings during a period 01 civic unrest in the 19th century.

lain Skidmore

Virgin and Child Cottage, Brynsiencyn, Isle of Anglesey