21 AUGUST 1982, Page 18


Waiting for Ullsten

Sir: Andrew Brown, in his report 'The Assyrians in Sweden' (7 August), suggests that Swedes believe the English to be `quarrelsome, bone-idle and loud-mouthed', although as a Swede for some 40 years I have never heard of this. What we do know, however, is that the English tend to exaggerate in order to make a good story better. Accordingly, Mr Brown's version of Sweden is much better than if it had been told by a dull Swede. Only on one point I must take the liberty of correcting him.

He states that our foreign minister, Mr Ullsten, every week tells the world 'what should be done about Namibia, Poland, the Middle East, or anywhere else that has recently been on the television news'. This is simply not true. Although he gave his support for the Falklands adventure (for which he was gratefully quoted by Mrs Thatcher in the Commons) he has not, however, yet given any statement on Swed- ish policy on the issue of the territorial in- tegrity of the British Sovereign's bedroom. Many of us think he should do this. After all, judging from all that is said and done in Parliament and the British press, this mat- ter is most surely of such importance that it may affect overall world security.

Torsten Keilvemark

Banergatan 14 B Uppsala, Sweden