21 DECEMBER 1901, Page 25

" S. Higgledy-Piggledy Memories of a Happy Childhood,

Written for Children, from a Child's Point of View." From the ethical point of view, this little book is open to the criticism that perhaps too much space is devoted to chronicling the naughtinesees of the little dramatis personae, and that the leniency of their parents is carried to the verge of culpable weakness. But we have travelled far from the days of "The Fairchild Family," and the child's standpoint is maintained throughout with artistic consistency. In this context it may not be amiss to quote the obiter dictum of Sir Walter Scott (Journal, May 24th. 1827) a propos of his then contemplated " Tales of a Grandfather " ; —" I am persuaded both children and the lower class of readers hate books which are written down to their capacity, and love those thet are more composed for their elders and betters. I will make, if possible, a book that a child will understand, yet a man will feel some temptation to peruse should he chance to take it up."