21 FEBRUARY 1885, Page 14



[Suggested by the Bishop of Bedford's Sonnet, "From Nature to. Man," published in the last number of the Spectator.] AYE, true it is, that as man grows mature,

Grave thoughts of human woe, and wrong, and sin, Press heavily upon the heart within,— A sad, sore weight 'tie bitter to endure.

But as life, waning, makes the spirit sure Of all that from God's goodness man may win, The aged hallowed spirit will begin To find the light of Heaven more bright and pure.

Then will he see beyond the things of time The calm and wonder of a loftier way, His soul uplifted with a faith sublime Into the vision of a happier day ; Where all men's wrong and trial, borne in pain, Become sweet peace, and turn to glorious gain.

February 17th.