21 FEBRUARY 1964, Page 9


Patrician, uncompromising, eloquent, unpre- dictable—adjectives accumulate when one thinks of the Earl of Sandwich. The Tories of Win- chester, whose candidate k Hinch' had sought to become, have rejected him. He may have better luck at Bromley, although his chances look bleak. It will be sad if this awkwardly in- dependent figure is to be rejected by the Tories for good. Everyone has disagreed with him at some time or' other, but no one doubts that his presence in the Commons contributed something distinctive and worth having. It is natural for the constituencies to he angry with Lord Sand- wich for 'letting Labour in' at South Dorset. `flinch' was wrong, of course, but the Cons servative Party aways in time forgive those who. were wrong. Indeed often, in time, they forgive those who were right.