21 JANUARY 1843, Page 10

The Morning Post, in a second edition, has the following

from Paris-

" The Commission on Thursday afternoon decided on a paragraph proposed by M. Dupla, containing the three following points. First, it expresses the Satisfaction of the Chamber of Deputies at the non-ratification by France of the Slave-suppression Treaty of December 1841. Secondly, the execution of the antecedent treaties of 1831 and 1833 is to be tolerated so long as they are not exceeded, or if executed to the letter. Thirdly, the wish is formally ex- pressed, that some term may be designated for France to abandon her ex- ceptionable position created by the treaties of 1831 and 1833, and to return, as the paragraph expresses it, to the common right of nations."

Lord Cowley had a long conference on Wednesday with M. Gnizot at the Foreign Office. The Spanish question and the right of search are stated to have been warmly discussed at that interview.

Count de Ratti-Menton, says the Constihdionnel, has been named Consul at Canton. He is to set out in a short time, charged to draw up a work on the commercial relations that France may have in future with the Chinese empire.