21 JANUARY 1843, Page 13

At the new Princess's Theatre, on Thursday, an English Lucia

di Lammermoor was brought out ; a worthless thing, rendered more worth- less, if possible, by this transplantation. Italian music, however fri- volous and empty, served up by the consummate artistes of the Opera- house, has a certain grace and brilliancy, which make it pleasing to the ear though it says nothing to the understanding or the heart. What would Lucia di Lammermoor be without RUBINI and PERSIANI? Just what it was on Thursdry night—nothing. Madame EUGENIA GARCIA is a good singer, and can bring out the beauties of good music ; but she cannot create beauties where none previously existed. TEMPLETON sings much better than he did some years ago; but he too has none of the Italian art of transmuting dross into gold. The opera was well got up: indeed, more care and cost were bestowed on it than it deserves. There was much applause, loud and boisterous enough ; but there was no mistaking the character of a great deal of it. We do not expect that such puny exotics will flourish on English ground : nor do we think it necessary to resort to them for the sake of Madame EUGENIA GARCIA'S appearances ; for she pronounces English remarkably well for a foreigner, and will of course daily acquire greater facility.