21 JANUARY 1843, Page 13

The Adelphi now looks itself again, since its chief ornament,

the pride of the company and the favourite of the audience, has been restored to its stage : Mrs. YATES made her first appearance since her bereavement on Monday ; and was welcomed with enthusiastic delight, with which feelings of sympathy and respect were evidently mingled. She looks somewhat thinner, but extremely well : her acting is a little subdued, and more touching on that account. The part she plays in the new melodrama, called The Pride of Birth, is that of a wife whom her hus- band, a French Count, seeks to repudiate in order to escape the sneers at her humble origin : the wife induces him to abandon his intention by the very bold and original scheme of disguising herself as a man and winning all his fortune from him at play. This achievement mars the pathos of the character, and the villany and drollery so predominate that there is very little scope for the exhibition of serious emotion : this defect, however, was advantageous to the piece, and the audience were amused, though not very profoundly affected. LYON, the proud husband, bad a rather plebeian aspect and manner for an aristocrat ; and 0. &arra, his friend and confidante, looked more of the gaol-bird than the gentle. man, for all his furred and frogged coat : the red waistcoat he wore glared like the branding-iron. BEDFORD, both in rags and in uniform, is the veritable forcat ; and WRIGHT is a barber, in all but his wig, which is such a one as no perruquier would wear, and few could make, for the hairs stand on end in moments of panic terror. Mr. MAYNARD, who plays a sort of bachelor Lord Alicash, appears to have dipped his face into the wigmaker's box and brought up a quantity of flaxen curls ; but the part of a giggling simpleton is unsuited to him. 'WRIGHT was very comical ; and Mrs. GRATTAN, his spouse, looked as lax and blowsy as she is fat and fair. Mr. RODWELL, the composer, is the author of the piece; and, strange to say. he has forgotten to introduce a song.