21 JANUARY 1843, Page 19


Tuesday, Jan. 17.


Skeffington, Welborn, Leicestershire, and Skeffington, Wilharstou, Northampton- shire, cattle-salesmen—Inglis and Pine, Aberdeen. merchants—Barradaile and Co. Bow. felt-makers—James and Sun, Kingston-upou.Thames, colounneo—Henshall and Croom, Compton Street, Clerkeuwell, irou-bedstead mauufacturers—Cox, Sydiing St. Nicholas, and Oat, Frampton, Dorsetshire, farmers—Watts and Co. Teigumouth, bankers; as far as regards W. Mortimer—Fra■ and Wren, Salford, brewers—Piercy and Cu, Leeds, brewers—D. and D. Matins, Birmingham, brassfounders—Billing and Co.; as far as regards M. and L. Billing—Arter and Ford, Havant, Hampshire, plumbers—Pocock and Eldridge, Salisbury. tailors—Cult in and Co. Calcutta, mer. chants; as far as regards W. Aiusl ie —Cunliffe and Co. Feuchurch Street, merchants ; as far us regards J. K. James—Reuss and Co. Manchester, merchants; as far as regards H. and A. Aders and C. and G. Harkort —Grey and Pullentine, Wardour Street, carvers —Whidborne and Kemp, Liverpool—Milroy mid Cock. Calliugton, Cornwall, tea- dealers—Daniel and Cu. Bristol, iittornies; as far as remolds J. Daniel—Lumsden and Coulson, Durham, irunfouuders —Birch and Smith, Wolverhampton, iruu-masters —Stirk and Co Halifax, Yorkshire, machine makers—Meeson and Lloyd, New Basing- hall Street, surgeons—Hustler and Rigg. Park Street, Grosvenor Square, surgeons— Junes and Eykyu, Birmingham, patent axle-tree-manufacturers—Web'. and Co. Leeds, booksellers; as for as regards G. Dowthwaite—Edmonsua and Heald, Lancaster. gro- cers—Ashton and Buller Evertou, Lancashire, ladies' boarding school keepers—Bo. Della and Furneaux. Worship Street. cabinet-makers—Buglass and Gray, Suuderlaud, wiimmerchauts —Harvey and Co. Glasgow. merchants ; as tar as regards R. and W. Brand and A. M'Nair—M'Nair and Go. Paisley. silk-merchants; as far as regards A. Harvey and J. and B. Brand — Brand and Co. Glasgow, silk-manufacturers; as far as regards A. Harvey, A. M'Nair, and J. and W. Brand—Gatlie and Co. Edinburgh, merchants—Greenock Iron Company ; as the us regards A. Boyd—Dyson and Co. Greenside iu Dalton, Yorkshire, brewers; excepting us far as regards G. S. Dyson. A. Sheard, B. Lockwood. J. Wild, T. Newhill. J. Jessup, J. Smith, H. P. Poutney. J. Wilby, J. Wood, and J. Berry—Forth Marine Insurance Company ; as far as regards J. D.ilziell, BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

1-110XIMAN, JAMES, High Holborn, dealer itt leather.


CLARKE, THOMAS EDWARD, Acle, Norfolk, apothecary, to surrender Feb. 2, March 2: solicitors. Messrs. Clarke and Co. Lincoln's tun ; and Messrs. Bethwick and Co. Nor- wich; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermaubury. COLEMAN, Juan, Birmingham, victualler, Jan. 10, Feb. 21: solicitor, Mr. Benson, Birmingham; official assignee, Mr. Valpy, Birmingham. DUNN, RICHARD, and RICHARD DAME, 11 akefiP11:1, corn-factors, Feb. 2, 23 : solicitors, Mr. Wilson, Southampton Street, Bloomsbury; and Messrs. Payne and Co. Leeds; official assignee. Mr. Hope, Leeds. Gaovss, Maarua, York, joiner, Jan. 31, Feb. 16; solicitor, Mr. Wood, York; official assignee, Mr. Fearoe, Leeds.

Humus, Timms, Great Comm Street, lodging-house keeper, Jan. 31, Feb- 27: soli- citors, Pumiger, Gray's Inn; official assignee, Mr. Turquann, Copthall Buildings. Hommiasv, WELLrAm, Clapham Road, furniture-dealer. Jan. 31, Feb. 12: solicitor, Mr. Ashurst, Cheapside; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Basinghali Street. JAILIMEB, JuaN. Liverpool, merchant, Feb. 16. klatch L : SOliCaOTIL MOWS •

Walmaley and Co. Chancery' Lane; Messrs. Holden and Clarke, Liverpool; official assignee. Mr. Cazenove. Liverpool.

LATTIMER JOHN. Hanslope, Buckinghamshire. corn factor. Jau. 16. March 7: soli- citors, Messrs. Robinson and Drury, Tokenh,use Yard; official assignee. Mr. Whit. more, Basinghall t tract. LINSKILL, JOHN, Bridlington, Yorkshire, schoolmaster, Jan. 28, Feb. 8; solicitors. Messrs. Jennings and Conyers. Great Driflield; official assignee, Mr. Fenian,, Leeds. MAY, JAMES. Clapham Rise, china dealer, Jan. 27. Feb. 24: solicitors, Mr. Watson, Trafalgar Square; Mr. Cole, Tukenhouse Yard ; official assignee, Mr. Lacking,ton, Coleman Street Buildings. MAYHEW, WILLIAM. Crutcherifriers, wine merchant. Jan. 25. March 3: solicitor, Mr. Bird. Lincoln's Inn Fields; Lfficial assignee, Mr. Alsager, urchin Lane. NORFOLK. ions, and BARKER. EDWARD. Leeds, dyers. Jan. 30. Feb. 17: solicitors. Mr. Fiddey. Temple ; Messrs. Barr and Co. Leeds; official assignee. Mr. Young. Leeds. ORME14413. JOHN Huri.e. Manchester. wine merchant. Jan. 27, Feb. 17: sulicitor, Mr. Heath. Manchester; official assignee. Mr. Hobson. Manchester.

'bream, JOSEPH 11,•11.119, Rotherhithe, shipwright, Jan. 28. Feb. 28: solicitors, Messrs. Straine and Co. Frederick's Place, Old Jewry; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Frederick's Place.

THOMPSON, WILLIAM. Exeter. merchant, Jan. 26. Feb. 21 : solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Inn ; Messrs. Parrs, Poole; official assignee, Mr. Hernaman.

WEISEL WILLIAM Isuate, Great Queen Street. scrivener, Jan. 27, Feb. 2:: solicitors, Messrs. Richards and Walker, Lincoln's Inn Fields; official assignee. Mr. Julinaon, Basinghall Street. DIVIDENDS. Feb. 7. Ellis, Calcutta, merchant -Feb. 7. Gummer, Hart Street, Mark Lane. wine- merchant-Feb. 7, Wiuter, Regent Street. milliner.


Feb. 7, Marsh. Uphalland. Lancashire. provision-dealer-Feb. 7, Mearns. Liver. pool. shawl dealer-Feb. 7. Timmis, Stone. Staffordshire. filet-grinder - Feb. 7, Brown. East Stour, Dorsetsbire. miller-Feb. 7, Ford. Stockport, hat-manufacturer - Feb. 7, G. D. and H. Carey. Nottingham, hat-manufacturers-Feb. 7, Howarth, Rochdale, flanuel-manufacturer-Feb. 7. Hurley, Woburn. plumber - Feb. 7, Kersehener. Black- friars Road. victualler-Feb. 7. La:II:mead. Teigumouth, banker-Feb. 7, Saunders, Paternoster Row, bookseller-Feb. 7, Clark. King William Street, wine-merchant- Feb. 7, Pickering. Loughborough, wine merchant-Feb. 7. Radford. Tiverton, uphol- sterer-Feb. 7, J. and R. Bradbury, Oldham, cotton-spinners-Feb. 7, Massey and Lambert. WallMg Street, warehousemen-Feb. 9. Triggs, Southampton. upholsterer- February 9. J. Jacksau, Ramsey Extra, Hampshire, slate-merchant-February 9, T. Fielder, Brewer Street. Somers Town, baker-February 7. W. Walker, Drury Lane, looking glass-manufacturer -February 7, A. Gibson, High Street, Whitechapel, grocer-February 7. E. Bayley. Exeter, straw bonnet dealer-Feb. 9, C. Goodman, Northampton. cutler- Feb. 9. Laurier and Lock, Wood Street, importers of foreign goods-Feb. 9, Atkinson, Becclea, maltster-Feb. 9, Young, Southampton. builder - Feb. 9, Gardner. Godalming. common brewer-Feb. 9. Robinson, Leadenhall Street, tallow-merchant-Feb. 7, Nairn and Liston, Tower Royal. Watling Street. linen ma- nufacturers-Feb. 7. Dedman, Portman Square, grocer-Feb. 9, Croasdill, Canterbury, maltster -Feb. 8, Tollemache, Penton Lodge, Hampshire. horse-dealer-Feb. 11. Ring. Crimscott Street, Bermondsey, carpenter-Feb. 8, MacCookey, Lantbeg, Ireland, bleacher-Feb. 8. Chattei ton, Nottingham, milliner-Feb. 11, Pugh, Bristol, cabinet- maker-Feb.10, Hutt u. Liverpool, ship-chandler-Feb. 8, Green, Birmingham, cabi- net-case-maker-Feb. 14. Hoare, Alstonefield. apothecary-Feb. 14. Fulford. Bir- mingham, draper-Feb. 9, Wright. Leeds. grocer-Feb. 8, Beanland, Bradford, Yorkshire. woolstaider -Feb. 9, Haslam. I.ittle Bolton, cotton-spinner - Feb. 9, Lane, Stockport. cotton manufacturer-Feb. 8, Oldham, Mauchester, commission.agent- Feh. 8, Brown, Manchester, stuff manufacturer.


BUCHANAN, J. C.. Auchentoshau Jan. 21, Feb. 11.

Bauer. P.. Glasgow. rag- merchant. Jan. 23, Feb. 13.

Id' KAY. J., Glasgow. draper. Jan. 23. Feb. 17.

31ircro. J., Clarence Street. Edinburgh, surgeon. Jan. 23, Feb. 13. Norms, \V., Lasswade, c uallermaker, Jan. 23, Feb. 13.

Friday, Jan. 20.


H. and G. Pa. ell, Blackfrials Road. liueudrapers-Salter and Roper, Newport, Monmouthshire. grocers-J. aud E. Cooper. Throats, Southampton, farmers- W. and R. Vicary, North Tat+, ton. Devonshire. tanners-Henry and Yates, Hudders- field, engravers-Simmons and Hutstein. Bristol, grocers-Brindley and Molter- ham, Bum nAham manufacturers of patent paper trays-Beale and Cooper Upton- -upon-Severn, Worcestershire. attarneys -Denuing and Linnet, Tichborne Street, Hay. market, jewellers-Robinson aud Maitland Kingston-upon.Hull, general merchante- T., J., and T. 11.7'umlioscri,Yerk. music-sellers; as far as regards J. Tomlinson-J., I., C. B. Hussey. Stria leybride, corn-dealers-Russell and Meredith, Cannon Street Road, grocers-Dodd and Williams, Coventry, Ahead dealers-M. and J. Chapple, Exeter, bricklayers- Moir and Foster, Liverpool-L. and J. Pearson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, tanners-Ccekeiton and Dunn. Royal Ci'y of London Theatre-J., J. J., and T. H. Russell. Wendesbury, patent gas-tube-manufacturers ; as far as regards J. Russell-J. and J. Carpenter. It. and J. Sharpe, White Ball Tunurll Cuttings, railway contractors; as:far as regards R. Sharpe-J. and W. Staiuton„ Skirbeck, builders-J. and R. Thomas, Train, liuendrapers.


CHARD, HENRY, Liverpool, merchant.


Aware-toe. Jcsrea, Legard Bridge. YorksAire. shopkeeper.

BATH. Runner, Hadfield. Dee yshire, provision-shopkeeper.

BURT. JOHN, Flint Street, Locks Fields. baker.

CRIGHTON, JOHN. Manchester. mechanic.

CROCKETT, RICHARD Sisor.sros. Sudbury, Suffolk, attorney.

CROSSLEY. WILLIAM, Halifax, Yorkshire, schoolmaster.

DAVIE, Jens. Nottingham. clerk. DOKOLLY. MARTIN, °Bey, Yorkshire, dealer in second-hand clothes, DYSON,. EDMUND, HOy1.11101180 Clough, Yorkshire, clothier. Fran. ARCHIBALD. Manchester. tailor.

FISH, THOMAS, Mime upon .palding Moor. Yorkshire. butcher. JERVIS, ISAAC. Wrockwardiue Wood Shropshire, innkeeper.


LLATHERDALS, JAMES. Cliatel, Essex, carpentea. LOMAX, RICHARD. Prikington Lancashire. butcher.

PIPER. Ceram, Hove. Sussex. tailor, Seaton, ISAAC, Alrnundbury. Yorkshire. fancy-waistcoating.manufactnrer. WALTER, JACOB, Museum Streett Bloomsbury, officer of the Sheriff of Middle.ex.


Ems, CHARLES, Whitechapel Road, potato dealer, to surrender, Feb. I. March 7:

solicitor, Mr. Watts, Bermondsey Street; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Btrehin Lane.

EDGE, Etizaerru, Dawley Green, Shropshire, victualler, Jan. 28. Feb. lt2: solicitor,

Mr. Bradley. Wellington; official assignee. Mr. Bittlestone, Birmingham.

HALL, EDWARD THOMAS. and JANE., I.ceds. flax spinners, Jan. 3t, Feb. 28: solidi. tom, Mr. Walker, Furuival's Ion; and Mr. Blackburn. Leeds; official assignee, Mr.

Hope, Leeds.

How. RICHARD, Kingston-upon-Hull. hosier. Feb. 1, and 22: solicitor, Mr. Haigh,

Horbury; official assignee, Mr. Freeman. Leeds.

LONG, SAMUEL MAW, Eu Geld. lime-burner, Jan. 26, Feb. 24: solicitors. Messrs.

Lawrence and Blenkarue, Bucklersbury; official assignee, Mr. Belcher. King's Arms Yard.

MORGAN, WILLIAM, ChelieDliam, builder. Feb. 3, March 3: solicitor, Mr. Packwood,

Cheltenham; official assignee, Mr. Miller, Bristol.

Paler, Maul. KERL, and DANIEL. Pilgrim Street, warehousemen, Feb. 3, March 3:

solicitor, Mr. Armstrong, Old Jew ry; official assignee, Mr. Edwards. Frederick's Place, Old Jewry.

SENIOR, JAMES, Waterloo. Yorkshire. fancy-cloth manufacturer. Feb. 2, aud 23:

solicitors. Messrs. Barker and England, Huddersfield ; official assignee, Mr. Fearne, Huddersfield.

WOODALI., WILLIAM Hamm Bisliopsgate Street Without, woollen draper, Feb. 4,

March 3: solicitor. Mr. Goddard, Wood Street, Cheapside ; official assignee, Mr.

Groom, Abchurch Lane. DIVIDENDS.

Feb. 10 Fludc, Mincing Lane, wine broker -Feb. 7, Campbell. Cleveland Roe,

merchant-Feb. 10. M• Kenzie and Haig. Darby Street, Rosemary Lane, merchants - Feb. 13, Turner, New Build Street. upholsterer -Feb. 17, Cuulsell, Milton, Kent. vic- tualler-Feb. 10, Richards and Co. Shadwell, rope makers-Feb. 10, Philpot, St. Swills:Ws Lane, victualler -Feb. 10, Durriugtou, Percival Street, Guswell Road, prin. ter-Feb. 10, Scott, Milton, Kent. estate-agent-Feb.10. Capel, Cooper's Row, Tower Hill. wine-merchant-Feb. 14. Long, Beaufott Place, Chelsea, coal-merchant-Feb. 14, J. and A. Emmett. Old Kent Road. gardeners-Feb. 11, Bright. Picket Street, Strand, draper-Feb. 10, Morris, Long Lane, Bermondsey, leather.dresser -Feb. 10, Suggett, Barbican, merchant-Feb. 14,,Wilkinson, Ardwick, Lancashire, innkeeper Feb. 13, Milne& Bradford, Yorkshire, inukeeper- Feb. 22. Fernandes and Co. Wake- field, millers-Feb. 14. Tallister and Newrick. Sunderland. grocers-Feb. 14, Guild- ford. North Shields, ship-owner-Feb. 14, Buxton, Leaven Grove Mill, Lancashire, cotton spinners. CERTIFICATES.

Feb. 11, Groombridge, Crimscott Street, Bermondsey. carpenter-Feb. 14, Oliver, Maidstone. upholsterer-Feb. 15, Castle. Wauborough, sheep-dealer-Feb. 14. Bond, Saint Thomas the Apostle. Devonshire, spirit dealer-Feb. 1". Holt, Mansfield, hatter

-Feb. 15, Dielifield. cottoospinuer -Feb. II. Lines. Oldbury, grocer- Feb. 18, Chapman, Birmingham. press-makers - Feb. 13, Mottram. Alrewas, Stufford- shire. woolstnpler -Feb. 14. Tomkiiison, Stoke upon-Treut. wine-merchant-Feb. 14, Arthur. Birmingham. coach maker-Feb. 14, Munton, Greatford Lincolnshire, miller -Feb. 7, Stanway. Stoke-upon-Trent. confectioner-Feb. 14. Fehr. Dudley, Worces- tershire, wine merchant-Feb. 13, Hepworth, Now Melton, woollen-draper-Feb. 16. Wilson, Leeds. flax spinner-Feb. 13, Harwood, Beverley, liuendraper -Feb. 11, Houldsworth, Liverpool, brewer-Feb.11, Ronny. Liverpool, oil clothananufaeturer - Feb. 14, Casamtberta, Manchester, merchant-Feb. 14. Parker, Manchester. coach- builder-Feb. 15, Grundy. Manchester, yarn-dealer-Feb. 11. Wade. Manchester. gro- cer-Feb. 17. Piggot. Manchester. printer -Feb. 10, Dean, Habergham Eaves, cotton- spinner-Feb. 14, Lawless. Manclies'er, agent -Feb. 10, Hayward. Manchester. bookseller-Feb. 10, Evaus. Oswestry. liuendraper -Feb. 10, Froste and Ashlin, Li- verpool. merchants-Feb. 10. Robins and Williams. London Wall. carriers-Feb. 10, Wyatt, Plymouth. cabinet maker-Feb. 10. Shyon. Liverpool, hotel-keeper -Feb. 10, M Galeey, Liverpool, printer-Feb. 10. Shand. Great Winchester Street, merchant- Feb. 10, Sanderson, Crawshaw, Booth, Lancashire. cotton-manufacturer-Feb. 10, Stockton, Long Yard, Lamb's Conduit Street, sloe-cooper-Feb. 10, Smith, Curtain Road, timber-merchant-Feb.10, Spauton , Bermondsey Street, cheesemonger- Feb. 10. Lancaster, Barge Yard, merchant-Feb. 10, J. and T. Wallworth. Manchester, Moro- dealers-Feb. 10. Allen, Macclesfield, silkmau-Feb. 10, Rawdos. Leeds, wool:mer- chant-Feb. 10. Vauderlyu, Houndsditch, tailor-Feb. 10, Fisher, Sneinton, Notting-. hamshire, boatwright -Feb. 10, Knowles, Stockport, cotton-spinner-Feb. 10. Good. lug. Chatham. boot-maker - Feb. 10, Barlow, Lichfield, ironmonger-Feb. 10, Jordan, St. Helen's. Lancashire. miller-Feb. 10, Waters, Chepstow. timber-merchant-Feb. 10, Thorp, Manchester, merchant-Feb. 14, Pratt, Stoke-upon-Trent, miller.


DRYSDALE. ROBERT and JOHN, Alva, Stirlingsbire, manufacturers, Jan. 26, Feb. 17. Lranate. Them Glasgow, callenderer. Jan. 25. Feb. 15.

Slaw, Jour+, Glasgow, lace-mcrchaut, Jan. 26, Feb. 23.