21 JANUARY 1843, Page 8



On the 8th January, at Royal Circus, Ediuburgh, Mrs. SHAND, of a tem. On the 13th, at the British Museum. Lady MADDEN. or a son.

On the 13th, at Maristow, Devon, the Lady of Sir RALPH Lopes, Bart., M.P., of a daughter.

On the 13th. at the Vicarage, Whaplode, Lincolnshire, the Wife of the Rev. T. Tox-

STALL SMITH, M.A., of a daughter.

On the 14th, at the _Rectory. West Tytherly, the Lady CATHERINE BAHairvorow, of a son.

On the 15th, iu South Andley Street, the Hou. Mrs. Tnomerma WonErrouse, of a


Ou the 16th, at Craven Hill Lodge. Bayswater, the Lady cf WILLIAM Duomone, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of twins-a son and daughter.

On the 17th, in Devonshire Street, Portland Place, the Lady of' Dr. Rem E EFORD, of

a 800.

On the 17th, at Leamington, the Lady of JAM Es Ikon Surto BARRY, Esq., of Mar.

bury Hall. Cheshire. and Foaty, Cove of Cork, Ireland, of a sou and heir. Os the 18th. at Hertford Street. Mayfair. Mrs. CHARLES EICHE, of twins ; son and daughter-the ninth son and seventh daughter.


On the 20th October, WILLIAM MAXWELL GEORGE MACONOCHIE. Esq., Eleventh Light Cavalry, son of the Right Hon. Alexander Maconochie (Lord Meadowhank). to Mama ISABELLA, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Roasters, C.13.

On the 27th December, at Glasgow College, the Rev. Dr. Km f Greyfriars' Church, to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of Dr. JAMES Tnousost, Professor of Mathe- matics in the University.

On the 12th January, at Leamington. BLARNEY TOWNLEY, Batman, Esq., junior, of Townley Hall. comity Louth, nephew of the Lourdess De Grey, to ELIZABETH CATHERINE, daughter of the late Ric:Line MoLeswonra Revarm.. of Beynells, county Westmeath.

On the 12th. at Lardivery Church, Cornwall. HENRY HART, Esq., of Hill Street. Berkeley Square, to ELIZABETH, second daughter of the Rev. N. KENDALL, Vicar of the above partsh.

Ou the 17th. at St. Olave. Mary Gate. York, the Rev. STEPHEN DONNE, M.A., Head Master of Oswestry School. Vicar of Llansantlfraid Glyuceiriog. and Chaplain to Lord Viscount Dungannon. to MARIA Louise, youngest daughter of the late MATTHEWDOEt

tote, Esq., of Kirk Ella, near Hull. -

On the 17th, at Doncaster, the Rev. Commas EBBRAL Remoras, Vicar of Hamner.

Nottingham, to MARIA AFFLECK, eldest daughter of the Rev. Jouw SHARPE, D.D., Vicar of Doncaster and Canon of York.

On the 17th, at All Saints, Southampton, the Rev. Arerworev GRANT, vicar of Rom. ford, Essex, late Fellow of New College. Oxford, to Rims, eldest daughter of Lieu- tenant-General Caney, and granddaughter of the Right lion. General Sir George Hewett, Bart. G.C.B.


On the 8th August, on board the Eadymion, Chinese expedition, from the effects of the climate and fatigue, First Lieutenant WILLIAM Lanarow SHAIEP ATCHERLEY, Royal Marines, son of the late Major Atcherley, Royal Marines, and grandson of the late Rev. J. Atcherley, M.A., formerly Head-Master of Shrewsbury School. On the 1st January, at Florence, of consumption, the Hon. Mrs. Haney SAVILE, after having prematurely given birth to a son the preceding day; in her 29th year. On the 5th. the Rev. HAVILLAND DURAND, M.A., Rector of St. Mary de Castro, Guernsey, and Chaplain to the Forces in that island; iu his 44th year.

Ou the 8th, at Earlston, Stewartry of Kircudbright, Sir JOHN GORDON, Bart., of Earlston, On the 12th, at Packolet, near Kilkeel, ALEXANDER CHESNEY, Esq., one of the last of the American Loyalists, and fur fifty years a Magistrate of the county of Down ; in his 88th year.

On the 12th, the Rev. R. M. Gammon, Curate of Bishop's Stortford, Herta ; in his 35th year.

On the 13th, at Boston, Lincolnshire. RUIN PALMER HOLLWAY, Esq., in his 834 year ; having survived his wife only twelve days.

On the 13th. RICHARD CHESLYN, Esq., of Langley Priory, Leicestershire ; in his 731 year.

On the 13th, at the Rectory House, Ballymoney. the Very Rev. WILLIAM GREENE, M.A.. late Dean of Achoury. On the 15th, at Hastings, the Rev. CHARIER 'laxity LUTWIDOE, M.A., Vicar of East Farleigh, Kent; in his 421 year.

On the 15th, at his residence in Astey's Row, Islington, the Rev. WILLIAM PARKER, MA., Prebendary of St. Paul's, Rector of St. Ethelburga, Bishopsgate. and thirty- two years Secretary of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge ; iu his 65th year.

On the 17th, at Park Terrace, Greenwich, ABRAHAM RAISIBACH. Esq.; in his 67th year.