21 JANUARY 1865, Page 1

M. Ernan, Neapolitan correspondent of Le Temps, publishes an account

of a singular interview with Cardinal Andrea, perhaps the most prominent of all future candidates for the Papacy. The Cardinal, it appears, stated that the Encyclical was a mistake, that Pius IX. was entirely governed by a few men about him, that Antonelli had for years relied upon Russia, which betrayed him, that he himself was a Liberal of the school of lelontalembert, and that he considered the Emperor of the French completely master

of the situation. We hti.;-e commented on this interview elsewhere, but must here quote the remark with which the Pope greeted the news that the Cardinal had called on Prince Humbert, the heir of Italy. "We have always bad I3ishops, and now we have a Cardinal, in pertains infidelimn." The Pope of owns° said nothing half an good,—if he had, the Papacy would not be in the danger which

now encompasses it. ir