21 JANUARY 1865, Page 1

The Encyclical Letter has been condemned by every Catholic Power

except one. In France its publication has been prohibited, in Spain the Ministry have announced that they will "act ener- getically" against any priest who may break the law, in Italy the Government has allowed the proclamation of jubilee and disallowed the remainder, and in Bavaria the Cabinet is resolved to" maintain the privileges of the State." Only in Austria has the Encyclical been recognized and proclaimed. In Russia the Emperor will, it is asserted, take advantage of the opportunity to abolish the Roman Catholic Church of Poland, not by prohibiting that form of worship, but by declaring that all the powers possessed by the Pope shall henceforward be exercised by an Archbishop to be appointed and removed by the Czar. This resolution, if acted on, will in ten years so accustom the Poles to refer to a local religious centre, instead of waiting for a long and tedious correspondence with Rome, that even the wish for re-admittance will probably die out. Poland in schism, Italy in semi-schism, Spain prohibiting a Papal bull,—the Papacy is clearly not succeeding.