21 JANUARY 1865, Page 2

We call our readers' attention to a masterly letter from

New Zealand in another column, which states the case of the New Zealand colonists as it has rarely been stated in this country. Un- less Sir George Grey is speedily recalled we shall soon see either the separation of New Zealand from the mother country, or the secession of the southern and undisturbed island from the oppressed and overburdened northern island, or both. And this will be the work of that spurious and utterly unscrupulous humanitarianism in this county which has supposed it could serve the Maoris by libelling the motives and actions of the colonists to an extent to which we do not remember any parallel in our history. Our conduct to New Zealand has not only been unjustifiable but almost inexplicable. We doubt if a single unquestionable act of cruelty or rapacity towards the Maoris on the part of the English settlers can be quoted in the history of the war.