21 JANUARY 1865, Page 20


Triibner and Co—M. Jay's Second Letter.

Strahan and Co—Woman's Work in the Church, by J. M. Ludlow ; Personal Names in the Bible, by Rev. W. F. Wil- kinson.

Bell and Daldy.—Lives of the Queens of England, by A. Strickland.

Hatchard and Co.—Tales Illustrative of the Beatitudes, by H. Power; Stories about St. Paul, by E. G. Nesbitt.

E. Marlborougb.—Wasps of the Ocean, by William Dalton. Knight and Son—Bible Words for Daily Use.

Nisbet. —Land and Sea, by P. H. Geese; Capital Punishment, is it Defen- sible? by Philander. Nimmo.—Efistory of Scotland, by P. F. Tytler; Remarkable Convictions, by a Writer to the Signet.

Hurst and Blackett —Cluistian's Mis- take, by J. Halifax ; a Journey from Lon- don to Persepolis, by John Ussher.

Virtue Brothers.—Gathered Leaves, by Frank E. Smedley.

Pitman and Co.—Psycihonomy of the Hand, by R. Bearnish.

Moxon and Co.—Studies in Biography, by L. James Trotter ; Edwy and ElgIva, by Thomas Tilston; Evenings in Arcadia, by John Dennis ; St. Thomas A'Becket, (to, by John Pryor.

Rivington and Co.—Public Schools Calendar.

Murray and Co.—Elioue, by C. H. Smith; the City at Night, by E. Williams. Gridlu and Co.—Voices of the Year. John Murray.—Poems, by Sir Bulwer Lytton.

Routledge, Warne, and Co.—Emily Chester.

Longman and Co.—Eden, and Other Poems, by A. D. Toovey ; Railways; Chronicles, do., by John de Warrin, 2 vols.; the College Euclid, by A. K. Isbister; Village Life in Switzerland, by S. D. Delmard ; the Construction of Maps, by W. Hushes; How we Spent the Sum- mer in Switzerland and Tyrol. Macmillan and Co.—The Glory of God in man, by E. H. Gifford; the Progress of Doctrine, by Thomas 1). Bernard; Village Sermons, by G. F. D. Teissier.

Assher and Co—Shakespeare in Ger- many, by Albert Cohn.

W. S. Johnson and Co.—Flower of the Flock, by Pierce Egan, 3 vols. F. Ferran—The Prophet of Nazareth by E. P. Meredith.

• J. Maxwell and Co.—The Hawkshavres, by M. A. Bird, 2 vols.; Paid in Full, by H. J. Byron, 3 vols.; Put to the Test, a vols.

Edmonatou and Douglas.—Travels, by Umbra.

Sampson Low and Co.—The Eng,liatt Schoolroom, by Rev. E. Thomson.

Smith, Elder. and Co.—Life of Michael Angelo, by F. E. Bunnett J. If. and J. Parker.—Johnson's Lives of the Poets.

Blackwood and Sons.—Tony Butler. Tinsley Brothers.—BaBads, by the Author of "Barbara's History."

Adams and Francis—The Amexicau Joe Miller, by Robert Kempt.

Robert Hardwicke.--Ow Domestic Fire- places, by Frederick Edwards; Stone Talk, by Frank Baker.

Booth.--Shakespeare Tragedies; French Authors at Home.

James Duffy.—The Adventures of a Watch, by Julie Gouraud.