21 JANUARY 1865, Page 20

The Popular Science Review. January, 1865. (Robert Hardwicke).. —This review

amply maintains its character. The articles are written. with great clearness, and with a praiseworthy abstinence from the use of unnecessary technical terms, so that the unscientific reader may actually understand them without difficulty. Perhaps the most strik- ing paper in this number is by Dr. Richardson, in which under a not very well-chosen title he treats of the effect of a spell of cold on health. It seems to have little effect on healthy people under thirty, but after that age it kills people in a geometrical ratio. As, if the cold is enough to kill one additional person aged thirty, it will also kill two aged thirty-nine, four aged forty-eight, eight aged fifty-seven, and so on. Dr. Richardson also remarks that anybody who would invent an appa- ratus that would keep a small fire alive all night in a bedroom would be a benefactor to mankind. The scientific summary, one of the most useful parts of the review, seems particularly well done.