21 JANUARY 1928, Page 1

The Nicaraguan Liberals tried to break away from American tutelage

by raising money in Europe instead of in the United States, but the active disapproval of Washington was too much for them. Cuba, it is true, has all the independence she wants and is grateful to 'the United States, but she knows that her independence rests upon conditions ; she knows that Washington could not tolerate an anti-American turn in her policy or even a new epoch of serious disorder. Within the last few years, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Salvador have all been made aware that compliance with American interests is required. It was during the Presidency of Mr. Roosevelt that San Domingo was occupied by American marines. Mr. Wilson similarly occupied Haiti in 1914, and both Republics are, we believe, still adminis- tered by the Navy Department. There is a Caribbean policy and there_ is an Isthmian policy. Mr. Roosevelt was not deceived. Democratic Presidents may succeed Republican Presidents at Washington, but no political party will be able to wash its hands of these things. *