21 JANUARY 1928, Page 13

A visit to Geneva soon dispels this false impression. M.

Albert Thomas is reputed to be the cleverest man in Europe, and although I had not the pleasure of meeting him I can say with truth that he has helpers of the highest ability. I feel, how- ever, in spite of the assistance I received, an unusual sense of difficulty in presenting the " atmosphere " of the I.L.O. Sometimes a few sentences will paint a scene, and pin it to print, like some new moth, for the delectation of the curious. For the I.L.O. I can find no evocative words. It is something, I think, that the spirit of man is building with the scientific method of the age, yet inspired by high faith. The old city of Calvin, grouped high round its Cathedral, is mediaeval. New Geneva is modern enough, yet quite apart from the activities of the League and its large satellite. The spirit of the I.L.O., again, is not so political or comprehensive as the League. In short, I can only think of it as a new sort of business, a super-business, perhaps, that has taken on the job of oiling the wheels of the world. A big task it is and its setting is spacious and splendid. All the Governments have vied with each other in their gifts to the Palace of Industry.

* * * *