21 JANUARY 1928, Page 13

The League of Nations

The International Labour Office "IF some millionaire were to endow an Institute, how easy I should find it to spend his money ! I should begin with a publicity department to impress the world with the import- ance of the subject, whatever it was : then there would be research and statistical bureaus, to discover what we were really about, and an historical section and library, and a pool of typists to deal with the correspondence between the various departments, and a welfare bureau to look after them, and so on. An immense edifice would soon be wanted to accom- modate all these busy people." Such thoughts, I confess, flashed through my mind when I first came upon the imposing buil( of the new International Labour Office, which stretches with its three storeys of fifty windows each abng the shore of Lake Leman. What goes on in such a great big house ? Surely if it puts out its full man and woman power, unemploy- ment, will soon cease and prosperity blossom on the fruitful

earth ? .* * * *