21 JANUARY 1928, Page 14


What is more surprising is that the Economists quote examples of considerable profits from corn-growing. One of the most practical of all our educational farms is Wye College ; and in the Wye report the corn crops show a profit of 22,310. The general loss on the farm was almost wholly due to the keeping of stock other than dairy cows. British farmers, as also American and New Zealand farmers, have had terrible losses, and the industry to-day is at the worst crisis in history, owing to the absence of capital. Old capital has been lost and new capital has been frightened away by the professional and semi-political pessimists within and without the farming community. But such examples- as these show how wrong- headed is a policy of despair, and suggest that the man with a scientific bent and an adaptable mind has been able to make money throughout the days of worst depression.

* * * *