21 JANUARY 1928, Page 2

The point about aggressive war is a real difficulty. The

League is committed to deal with aggressors, though aggression is not defined. The question, therefore, is whether Mr. Kellogg is proposing such a sweeping declaration that it would shut out in precise terms what may fairly be described as police work. We cannot. ;believe that he can have any such unpractical klea, lie. oould not make out a case for it now that the American Government is actually dealing in Nicaraguawith people whom it chooses to call " bandit" There seems to be no reason against a general declaration that would not clash with the League. It will be said that vague declarations are of no value, but they undoubtedly have, a psychological value. And if . the declaration was accompanied by a series of_ "AU-In .7.; arbitration Treaties its value would be enormously increased. . . _