21 JANUARY 1928, Page 20

, Mrs. Fawcett and Miss E. M. Turner have written

a eulogy upon Josephine Butler specially for the Josephine Butler cen- tenary (The Association for Moral and Social Hygiene, 2s. 6d.). Biography overloaded with praise is apt to be dull. In this case, however, a natural prejudice in favour of a more critical form of " Life " to a great extent disappears. Mrs. Butler's extraordinary Magnetism' makes itself felt, and the greatness of her Work for public purity cannot but impress 'a generation by whom her name is almbst forgotten. "To what an incredible' extent the world has improve*" is the

comment which must rise to -the lips of all who read of the disgraceful persecutions to which this truly good and able woman was subjected, within the memory of many living people. * * *