21 JANUARY 1928, Page 20

Art lovers have come to look for the Barbizon House

_Record, which Mr. D. Croal Thomson has produced every Christmas since the War. In this charming annual he reproduces and comments upon some of the more notable pictures, drawings and sculptures that have passed through his hands on their way from old homes to new. He thus records for us all—as M. Sedelmeyer used to do many years ago—the existence of fine things that might otherwise be little known or forgotten. His new volume (published at 9 Henrietta Street, W. 1, 21s.) includes a wonder- ful Whistler, "Valparaiso Harbour," a superb Corot, one of Bastien Lepage's most accomplished open-air pieces—of peasants gathering potatoes—a remarkable landscape by John Crome, and many other important paintings, with an essay by Mr. James Bone.