21 JANUARY 1928, Page 3

As had been expected, several changes in the Ministry were

announced at the end of last week. Sir George Hennessy becomes Treasurer of H.M. Household in the place of Colonel George Gibbs, who has been created a Peer. Major William Cope becomes Comptroller of H.M. Household in place of Sir Harry Barnston. Mr. H. G. Williams becomes Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade in place of Sir Burton Chadwick ; Corn- modore IL. Douglas King becomes Secretary for Mines in place of Colonel G. R. Lane-Fox, and Mr. A. Duff Cooper becomes Financial Secretary to the War Office in place of Commodore H. Douglas King. Such changes do not amount to the serious overhauling of the Govern- ment for which- some Unionists had hoped, but they are a step very much in the right direction. Mr. Duff Cooper has been one of that group of younger Unionists who are nicknamed the Y.M.C.A., and he will now have an opportunity, in which we sincerely wish him luck, of helping to make the policy of the Cabinet tally exactly with the well-known ideals of Mr. Baldwin. "The youth of ar nation," said Disraeli, "are the trustees of posterity,"- and the Prime Minister is to be congratulated ou .appointing more of these trustees. * *