21 JANUARY 1928, Page 3

By an Army . Order the lance has been abolished as

a weapon of war. The decision to keep lances for cere- monial purposes is, however, wise, for in the whole realm of. military spectacle there is nothing finer than an advance of lancers with their pennants fluttering. It might be supposed that the lance dated back to the mediaeval jousting spear, but, as the Morning Poit reminds uS, it was really introduced into the Army in 1816. It has a great history, but that history is ended. As the Morning Post says, the 17th Lancers charged in the Light Brigade and the 9th Lancers rode with Lord Roberts to Kandahar. And shall we not add that the 21st Lancers charged 'at Offidurman In the Great War the lance was scarcely used. In reconnaissance work it was a nuisance.

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