21 JANUARY 1928, Page 32

Answers to Boswell's "Johnson" Questions

1. In the back parlour of Mr. Thomas Davie,s's bookshop in Russell Street, Covent Garden, on Monday, May 16th, 1763. 2. At 17 Gough Square, E.C.-3. Goldsmith.-4. A tavern chair.-5. "Driving briskly in a post-chaise will a pretty woman."-6. English.-7. Edmund Burke.-8. Johnson's cat.-9. At a dinner-party given by Mr. Dilly, the bookseller. 10. Johnson to the Earl of Chesterfield.-11. The death of Garrick.-12. "Cheerfulness was ahvays breaking in."-13. Getting down from Sir Joshua Reynolds's coach at the entry of Bolt Court, Fleet Street, on Wednesday, June 30th, 1784.