21 JANUARY 1938, Page 17

Emigration at its Best

Within the next week or two a number of English children, mostly from crowded urban quarters, will set out to the new Fairbridge school at Molong in New South Wales. The first Fairbridge school in Western Australia—which is more English in race than the rest of Australia—has become a recognised type of migratory method. The children become at home in their new surroundings before they set up their own homes ; and being educated in country matters naturally tend to a country life. They do not go to swell the city workers, among whom are a certain number of unemployed even in a land so lamentably underpopulated as Australia. The more recent Fairbridge school in British Columbia, which has now a hundred and fifty children, promises to be a great success. Fairbridge Farm Schools (whose head- quarters are at Savoy House, v5 Strand, London) have " deserved well of the State." They merit general support and they want it, among other needs, for the enlargement of the Western Australian school.