21 JANUARY 1938, Page 17

The Revived Craftsman

It has been apparent in many counties for some while that the demand for the work of rural craftsmen (in iron, wood, leather, clay and stuff) is in excess of the supply. Quite often it has happened that the craftsman, wishing to produce in greater bulk, has sought helpers but failed altogether to find them. There is now a general shortage of workmen as well as of their work. The facts will surprise many who have been told that the artist cannot compete with the factory and hears constantly of the numbers of the unem- ployed. The essential fact that the demand for craftsman's work exceeds the supply is now stated in good round terms by the Rural Industries Bureau (6 Bayley Street, London). Shops exist, such as " Country Industries Ltd.," which specialise in craftsman's work, and the Bureau has made it more available (though it is not a selling agency) and greatly bettered the quality of design by making classic and traditional patterns and methods available. The work of the craftsman is peculiarly appropriate for presents, when something expressive of individual character is desired.