21 JANUARY 1995, Page 53

A first prize of £25 and a bottle of Graham's

Malvedos 1979 Vintage Port for the first correct solution opened on 6 February, with two runners-up prizes of £15 (or, for UK solvers, the latest edition of The Chambers Dictionary – ring the word `Dictionary'). Entries to: Crossword 1193, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL.

Two unclued lights (of two words each) combine to form an arena for the others. The barred-off letters of the unclued lights (in one of which, ignore an apostrophe) could form FINE JOLLITY, I SAY.

Name Address Dictionary prizes are sent out by the 'Post-a-Book' service. ACROSS 1 What gives big circles breadth as map comes about (11, two words) 7 Obstruct court (3) 11 Dissenter, name assigned to prisoner (6, hyphened) 16 Columnar figure, pungent ace, retired (5) 18 Flap or beat (5) 20 Kiss, soft, that's bit of a peck to Jock (6) 22 Folly of one in city — do differently (7) 29 Lumberjacks make us fall about in revolutionary series (5) 30 Hiss madly about Chinese cabbage soups (6)

32 Hearts of walnut, ash and alder 5)

( 34 Swear like an Ashes spectator? (6

36 Pulled back from tor, numinous height (5)

37 Frumpish cook and wife dreary, not stern (5) 38 Could almost frenzied mob charge unit? (7) 39 Set loose, antelope turns and heads for lush upland expanse

40 B(6 utter vetch ends in the fodder troughs (3)

41 System distorted in telescope (11)

DlO"Riders, British, with cold, cold heels (10)

2 Acclaimed wags, league out of university (8)

3 Caught by a politician, voiced views — they need canvassing (9)

5 Bill spites comrade (7) 6 Tin with round side containing black and white pudding (8) 7 Brandy and wine to be sold (5) 8 Scrape extra Spam reserves (4) 9 Caught ores perhaps struck violently (6) 10 Confusion in extremes of surreal story (5) 12 Plot over King is in ruins (6) 19 Car, going uphill, I stall — not to be copied (10) 21 Aggrieved poor built Communist committee (9) 23 Author and editor, united in work, accelerated (8, two words) 24 Marginal comment one edits out (8) 25 Pull forward paper kite (6) 26 For instance wise fellow around university (calm ... (7) 28 ...with me for a long time) don (6) 31 Fall in drops, quietly (5) 33 Gosh — silly walks! (5)

Solution to 1190:

Year's turning

Circuit lights (starting in radial 1), in clockwise/anticlockwise sequence, are kinds of YEARS, with JANUS (rev.) and FACED in the central circuit.

First prize: T. R. Burch, Burgh Heath, Surrey; Runners-up: J. Andrews, Rayleigh, Essex; K. T. Northcott, Cheltenham, Glos.