21 JULY 1866, Page 1

Little of importance has reached England from Italy. Gari- baldi

has captured the fortress of Arugola in the Tyrol, and Admiral Persano has taken the fortified island of Lissa, on the Dalmatian coast, but these are mere incidents in the drama. Of the great movement, the march of Cialdini into Southern Austria, nothing whatever is known, except that he has occupied and passed Padua, and is on his way to Villach—the key to the railway system of Southern Austria. He has as yet encountered no serious resistance, and the Quadrilateral is by this time shut off from aid from the north. The King, with the second division of the army, was expected at Pallua on Friday, but his arrival has not been reported. It is believed that he will march upon Venice while Cialdini proceeds northward, but information of any kind from Venetia is of the scantiest description,—La Marmora, with the imbecility of a true martinet, thinking that a revolutionary war ought to be conducted in secret.