21 JULY 1866, Page 1

We had almost forgotten to mention—one forgets trifles while watching

a. war like this —that the Federal Army has disappeared. It attacked the Prussian corps (farm& under General Groben on the 14th inst., and was driven with heavy loss across the Main. On the 10th Frankfort was entered, and General Falkenstein an- nounced that he assumed the government of Frankfort, Nassau, Hesse Darmstadt, and North Bavaria, the only territories not already in Prussian hands, and on the following day Bavaria requested an armistice, preparatory to submission. The victory is important, because it releases some eighty thousand men-58,000 who had been directed on Munich, and about 20,000 employed in the struggle for Frankfort, but otherwise it is only an incident, as the hollowness of the Federal strength had been previously exposed. Immediately on the news of the battle, the group of old gentlemen who call themselves, possibly consider themselves, the German Diet, retired to Augsburg, whence in a short time they will disappear into space. They will be super- seded by a German Parliament elected by universal suffrage, a member for every 100,000 souls, and invested with plenary power to decide on the internal organization of Germany.