21 JULY 1866, Page 21


Hulseian Lectures. 1865. By Rev. J. Moorhouse, M.A. (Macmillan.) —Four sermons on the union of the divine and human nature in Christ, together with three others by the same author, on ordinary and extra- ordinary inspiration, the nature of prophecy, and the connection between the Jews and their climate and country, all preached before the Uni- versity, have been collected into a small and readable volume. The author is well informed on the controversies of the day, and expresses himself with force and eloquence, but he does not seem to us to throw any fresh light upon the intricate questions with which he deals. His views on inspiration and prophecy seem much the same as have been often propounded—the spirit of God working with fallible instruments, and he leaves the union of natures, as it always must be left—a mystery, but not a greater one than is involved in metaphysical and positivist conceptions of the nature of God.