21 JULY 1866, Page 21

Pinacea. A Handbook of the Fire and Pines. By Senilis.

(Hatchard.) —This is a revised and enlarged edition of an essay to which the Scottish Arboriculture! Society awarded their prize in 1864, on the subject of the "Introduction and Cultivation of the Newer Coniferas, with Special Reference to the Climate of Great Britain and Ireland." It gives the distinctive characteristics of and the bast modes of growing the trees in question, with brief practical notes on their hardiness, and on the soils and situations most suitable for them, distinguishes between those that are of economic value for their timber and those that are useful for ornamental planting, and includes an original classification. with an alphabetical list of the names of all the genera, species, sub- species, &c., and of the synonyms or aliases by which they are known in common parlance. The author writes for practical readers, and so addresses himself rather to men of business than to theoretical botanists.