21 JULY 1866, Page 22

Ernest Graham : a Doctor's Story. (Tweedie.) — The excellent writer of

this story has composed it with the double object of reforming the of medical students and enforcing the duty of visiting the London poor. He lands two of the first-mentioned class in delirium tremens and lunaoy respectiVely, but he also kills off the Good Samaritan, who had given up his practice as a barrister and society generally for the sake of the poor, and leaartis the heroine lamenting and bearing up only under the expectation of a speedy dissolution. nibs the practice of vice and the practice of virtue seem to lead equally to grief as far as this world is col:teemed, and the moral may be ineffective with some people in conSequence. Rut' the fact is, and this causes the confusion, the young barrister wag under the mistaken impression that all these poor people were going straight to endless misery unless lie succeeded in converting them, and felt, as a good-hearted min with such a terrible burden would, that the world was no place for him to eat, drink, sleep, marry, and be happy in. Many persons hold the theory, but do not recognize the duties that follow from it.