21 JULY 1866, Page 23

the selection of - an editor. The work is a ednuiletatary dtt

Carnet:n-18, and has a special attractiveness on that account ; then it treats of such ht-. teresting matters as Indian habits before we had interfered with them, and the prosperity of the African coast before the Portuguese had intro" duced the slave trade and destroyed the commerce: The old navigator who tells the story, whether ho was Duarte Barbera, a cousin of 'Magellan's, or Magellan himself, as Mr. Stanley seems to think, was an observant man, with an eye for points that might be useful if a man wanted to annex a town or make a profitable raid, and gives full par- ticulars with respect to the trade, supplies, and water provisions of the various seaports, the coasts of the different native sovereigns, and the manners and customs of the people. Same historical details, mach as the account of the battle of Diu (described in the Lusiad ), the taking of Ormuz, the founding of the Portuguese fort in Calicut, and the rise of S ab Ismail, fix the date of the original manuscript as nearly as possi- blTabout the year 1514. Mr. Stanley's theory is that it was drawn up. by Magellan, or under Magellan's guidance, for the purpose of being laid; before Charles V., at the time that Magellan was seeking tho command. which he received a few years later.