21 JULY 1866, Page 3

Mr. Gladstone's Church-Rate Bill is to be sacrificed, though the

Government say they will not oppose its second reading so long as they are not committed to its principle. The Dissenters are satisfied with it, but the High-Church party have found out that Mr. Bovill's (the new Solicitor-General's) Bill is much better, because it readers the Church-rate compulsory on all who do not give a year's notice that they _do not intend to pay it,- a provision which would not ha fact prevent contests, or the levying of Church- rotes on opponents who had not chosen or had forgotten, to give the notice. Under that Bill the fights And the distresses for rates would probably go an as before. We fear that the only real objection to Mr. Gledstone'a Bill is that it was Mr. Gladstone's, together with the natural perverseness of the human heart when after long strife it is offered terms of peace.