21 JUNE 1873, Page 1

An endless series of entertainments has been arranged for

• the Shah, who, however, will probably be happier at Trentham than anywhere else, and at Brussels took the Burgomaster a gallop across country, straight over everything, to his own extreme delight, and rather to the dismay of his companion. It results from all the information collected about him that he is really anxious to see England and understand the strength of the masters of India, and if not tired and bored to death, will see everything worth seeing. The programme as yet has been better carried out than usual, the Princes working hard at the matter, but it is a little too extensive for human endurance. However, the Shah when tired says so in the most unmistakable way, which must be a comfort both for him and his entertainers. The Anglo-Persian opinion. about him is that he has, when not bothered to talk French, considerable capacity.