21 JUNE 1873, Page 1


THE event of the week has been the arrival of the Shah, who landed on Wednesday from Ostend. Mr. Goschen had been singularly successful in his arrangements, the day was calm, the Shah was not sea-sick, and from Ostend to Dover enjoyed a Naval review of the most superb character. The Devastation took part in it, and moved about with the ease of a yacht, dis- charging two rounds from the Woolwich Infants, the 35-ton guns, with a roar which must have been heard for miles. At twenty minutes past one, before England was visible, the Channel Fleet, including the Agincourt, the Northumberland, the Hector, the Hercules, the Sultan, the Monarch, and the Black Prince arrived, thundering out a salute of twenty-one-guns, and cheering the Shah as he passed on. His Majesty seemed deeply interested, and made notes in a journal he keeps, and which we can only trust may one day see the light. The reception by the Royal Princes at Dover was excellently managed—though the Shah kept everybody waiting till his treasures were in the train, or rather, his amulets—and the cortege was welcomed at Charing Cross by a vast crowd, which stood out the pouring rain in the hope of seeing the Shah, who finally arrived at the Palace a drenched, but contented man.