21 JUNE 1873, Page 1

Sir Bartle Frere has not failed. The Sultan of Zanzibar,

after refusing to sign the Slave-trade Treaty, issued a proclamation to his subjects to do as they hal always done, and thought himself quite a hero. He forgot, however, that he had to deal with the Government of India as well as that of England, and the error was fatal. India does not understand impertinence from Zanzi- bar. Sir Bartle Frere visited Bombay, and there made it quite clear to the Banians that they must stop their trade ; and Simla, and there obtained the sanction of Lord Northbrook to peremptory action. Admiral Cumming was therefore requested to give the Sultan the option of signing or suffering a bombardment, probably to be followed by a deposition in favour of some nominee of Muscat. He therefore, with great dignity, ate his proclamation, signed the treaty, closed the slave market, and waits for better times,—which, however, he will not have, as steamers are to run from Aden to Zanzibar, and gunboats hovering abnit will catch any coaster trying to revive the trade. The occasional presence of a man-of-war in Zanzibar, and the passing of a short Indian Act making support to the slave trade felony, will bring the system to an end for ever.