21 JUNE 1873, Page 1

The news from Spain this week. is less bad than

it has lately been. It seems clear that Pi y Margall has driven Figueras out of Spain, and intends to be Dictator without being formally crowned such. His plan is to reduce Madrid to order by con- centrating the Guardia Civile there—this has been done—then forming an army by money, and then proclaiming the Constitu- tion, which will divide Spain into Nine home provinces or States, namely, Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre with Biscay, Valencia with

Castille, Old Castille, Galicia, Andalusia, and Upper with Lower Estramadura. Besides these are four external States—Cuba, Rico, the Philippines, and the Balearic Isles— making 13 in all. The Constitutional Commission is to consist of 12 from the majority of the Cortes, who are Centralists, and one from each of the 13 provinces, of whom four, Cuba, the Philippines, and the two Castilles, will undoubtedly be Centralist. Great power will therefore be left to the Central authority, which will con- trol the Army, the Navy, the Debt, Foreign Affairs, and some part of the taxation. A forced loan of £1,000,000 is talked of, but by the latest rumour the monopoly of tobacco in the Philippines is to be sold first. Nothing of any effect has been done against the Carlists, or will be, till money has been found to make an army. According to the latest rumours, a dividend is to be paid on the Debt, but it requires confirmation.